Becoming One with Nature: How to Blend Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Written by Caitlin Evans

When we think about our home, we usually imagine the walls enclosing it and separating it from the outdoor space. However, a home extends far beyond the living room and the entryway. It consists of every piece of your property, including the deck and the backyard.

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The overall design of all living spaces has a deep impact on your subconsciousness and behavior. And as several studies have indicated, and as we all know by now, nature has a very positive effect on one’s mood and mindset. Enclosing yourself in four walls without any consideration of this means depriving yourself of clean air, positive emotions and well-being.

Designers all around the world, are, therefore, working on creating a natural flow between the interior and the exterior to create a seamless blend of these spaces. Here are some secrets you can steal from them.

Install Glass Patio Doors

Sliding glass doors connecting the patio with the interior are an ideal mean for creating a seamless flow between the inside and the outside of your home. Top-to-bottom glass lets the sunshine in and makes your whole home lit with warm and natural light (and saves you electricity too) while showcasing the view of your backyard and garden year round. To maximize on the commodious mood you are creating, choose minimalist frames that don’t take away from the view when closed.


Replace Walls with Glass

Use the same principle to introduce light and provide a view of the outdoors by installing more windows. Big glass windows will do wonders for your kitchen, study, and lounge, where you need plenty of light, and where you may keep plants which require several hours of direct sunlight a day.

If you want to break out from the traditional design, you can even opt for a full-length corner window which will make you feel as you are a part of the outdoor scenery. This is particularly recommended if you live by the ocean or the mountains.

Create Flow with Floors

Another way to blur the lines between the interior and the exterior is to use the same or similar looking floor materials. Using the same tiles continuously can create this effect easily, but you need to be careful when choosing the quality and the material because the ones used in the outdoor area should be more resistant to wear and tear and they need to be non-slip.

One material that looks amazing both indoors and outdoors is hardwood. This will also introduce an additional touch of nature inside because it will borrow some outdoor features to your interior design.

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Greenery Everywhere

Speaking of bringing the outdoors in… Houseplants have always been an appealing design element, but lately, they have gained newfound fame with social media such as Instagram, and the countless studies discovering their health benefits. Houseplants freshen up the decor of every room, they purify the air and improve the overall mood. The only thing you need to do is to choose stylish pots and find which plants to use where. The plants that are good for the kitchen will not necessarily thrive in the bathroom and the best houseplants for the bedroom may not be the right choice for the living room.


“Synchronize” the Furniture

When the idea of indoors and outdoors being divided with a clear boundary still ruled the world of the design, these two environments combined very different styles of furniture. The main requirement for the indoor furniture was the comfort, while the outdoor pieces had to be resistant and practical. Now, we aspire to balance, which can be achieved through same or similar color schemes and materials.

Wood is always a good option because it feels natural to both environments, but depending on your design style, you can also go with wicker and plastic. Also, there are so many excellent outdoor products made of enduring and easy-to-maintain textiles, so you can create the cozy “indoorsy” feel outside too.

Bottom Line 

The smoother the transition between the exterior and the interior, the easier it will be to use the outdoor area for family and other gatherings. The more outdoor elements you introduce into your home, the more connected with nature you will feel. The benefits of this design approach are numerous and compared to what you’re getting, it is fairly easy to implement. So, don’t wait for a second longer to extend your home to the entirety of your property, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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About the Author:

Caitlin is a student and a blogger. Her fields of expertise cover lifestyle and well-being-related topics. Lately, Caitlin is quite interested in the psychology behind the design and the impact that living spaces are having on our well-being. She is always happy to share her insights by collaborating with other bloggers. Caitlin is happily addicted to art in all its forms, grilled tofu, and long walks.

Embrace A Stylish Living Space

Written by Holly Clark, Online Community Manager for Land of Rugs

It is important that your home is cozy, comfortable and inviting as this not only helps you to stay organized, but it is also vital for your health. One of the ways to achieve a comfortable home is by creating a stylish home interior whether you are re-styling your own space or moving into a new house.

 Here are top designing tips from the experts at Land of Rugs that will give your home interior a stylish and trendy update for years to come:

●       Multi-Functional Rooms

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The high cost of living has made it difficult for people to get the exact type of big and spacious house they have always dreamed of. Maximizing a small space will provide the most potential for the space. The way your rooms are decorated directly affects how much space you have left in it, as well as the things that you are able to do with it.

For instance, rooms can serve multiple functions like a dining room also moonlighting as a home office space, kid’s playroom or a home gym. Based on this, you would be able to achieve more with your little space, once you are able to decorate the room appropriately. Interior decorating ideas that are properly implemented can therefore give you your dream home, even in a smaller space as you would be able to have every room type you desire in your bigger house.

●       Attractive Living Room

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Modern interior design ideas can help you get a trendy home interior for your living room. You will have to think about the seat type you want as well as how you want to arrange them. You don't have to necessarily put your sofas and chairs to rest on the wall. You can get more space to aid movement around your living room, if you leave some space between your sofas/chairs and your living room walls.

You would need to use the right furnishings so that you can easily tell the exact story you intend to pass across with your decorations. You should try out different color schemes and choose the one you are most comfortable with. The color scheme that lightens up your mood the most should be used. Some of trendy home interior decoration colors include deep green and blue shades as well as inky blue.

●       Natural Interiors

Interior decorating ideas do not only have to be about luxurious and sophisticated furniture. If you are not into the luxurious items, then you can adopt natural interiors. The items for the natural interior are items that were hand-made and environmentally friendly. You can also get big braided, woven and knotted textural fabrics.

You can also try out Japanese patterns or African patterns with your natural interior as they go nicely together. Modern interior design ideas are not about having flashy interior decorations, it is about having a nice trendy interior decoration that is able to improve your mood by making you comfortable and happy as well as being well-arranged such that you have more space for your daily activities.

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Author Bio:

Holly Clark who is part of the content & community outreach team at, is obsessed with interior design trends and how new technology influences design.

New Year + Storage Needs

By Principal Interior Designer, Emily Esposito

  Every year, New Year’s resolutions are put down on paper. On that list typically is work out, eat healthy and de-clutter or organize the house. Spaces that are constantly bursting at the seams with too much stuff can cause anxiety and stress in an already crazy busy world. Whether your space is small or large there are clever ways to add storage to de-clutter your home and de-stress your life.


     Closets typically have a rod to hang clothes and a shelf above to store items. This is helpful but there is so much wasted usable space. Consider maximizing your closet with a closet system. There are many different companies that offer closet systems to fit any budget and any size closet. Creating hanging space for both short and long clothes maximizes the space you have. Install shoe organizers to get them up off the floor and allows easy access. A shoe organizer will only take up a small portion of the closet space by positioning to either side or in the middle of the closet acting as a divider. Drawers, cubbies and shelves can also be installed in a closet to act as a dresser, maximizing small bedroom spaces.

     On the walls consider floating shelves or wall mounted cubbies to store books, art, and plants. By the front door a wall mounted cubby could be used to store shoes or keys, so they are easy to find each day. Floating shelves can be placed off set or parallel with each other to create visual interest and will add an artistic flare. Hooks can also be placed under floating shelves to hang coats and scarves while keys, gloves and hats can be stored on top of the shelf getting it up off the floor. Hooks can also be used in all rooms especially bathrooms and laundry rooms to hang towels, coats, blankets and more. Do not be afraid to use your wall space to organize and store your belongings. The back of a door is also a great place for hooks or hanging organizational caddies.

     Some homes have coves, niches or lots of wall space where built-in furniture can be utilized like lockers, a China cabinet or closets. Each of these pieces can be custom designed and tailored for each individual space and purpose. Built-in cabinets can act like a normal closet designed to maximize all your clothes storage needs.

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    Furniture like a bed with pull-out storage drawers can maximize storage in any room. Or if you have space under the bed use storage bins for things like seasonal items or suitcases that are not needed often. Ready-made storage benches that are designed with hidden storage are a great way to hide blankets and pillows. Some benches have a rack underneath for shoes to be stowed away. Bookcases, adjustable rack systems, dressers, storage ottomans, freestanding wardrobes, armories and console tables are some more great ready-made furniture storage options. Storage ottomans can serve several functions such as seating, a coffee table and storage. Plus, a storage ottoman can add some color and texture to any space to make it feel cozier and inviting.


    Cabinet space can be maximized by utilizing the adjustable shelves or installing pull-outs, dividers and specialty storage for knives and utensils. Deep pull-outs or drawers allow for a deep space to stack pots and pans with a separate sliding shelf above to store lids. Spice drawers or spice pull-outs can organize all your spices in one central location and make it easier to see what you have and what may need to be replaced. Dividers can be installed to stand up cutting boards and baking sheets to add more space to the cabinet and organize hard to store items. Knife and utility drawers get clutter off the countertops and assist in organizing the items used the most.

    Whether you have a small space or a large space you can add usable storage to de-clutter your space and de-stress your life. Maximize height not just width to increase your available storage options. Make your furniture and cabinets work for you by better organizing your items so usable space can be increased. Little out coves, pot shelves and usable wall space can become storage space especially in compact spaces. Storage can improve your life, create function and make your space beautiful. Do not stress and dread your space utilize clever storage solutions to turn your space into the place you love to be.

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About the Author:

Emily Esposito is a multi-award winning high-end residential interior designer with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has been in the interior design industry around a decade with experience in high-end residential, commercial, hospitality, sustainability, staging and custom furniture design. Esposito lives full-time in beautiful Lake Tahoe with her husband and their dog, Scout.

Genius Ways to Lift Up Your Bedroom Style

By Chloe Taylor

If you work like crazy and barely manage to find time to relax, you want your nights to be filled with luxury and relaxation. It’s the least you can do for your health and satisfaction! However, not everyone can invest thousands of dollars to create the ultimate bedroom. That’s why we prepared a few tricks that will help you lift up your bedroom style without too much trouble and too many expenses.

Accentuate Your Strengths


If you’re looking for a quick way to lift up your bedroom instead of embarking on a complete makeover, you can start by finding your room’s strengths. Does your bedroom have a large window with a beautiful view? Or does it boast a high ceiling or gorgeous old floors? Identify these good sides of the room and try to accentuate them even further! Employ color to attract attention or leave these attractive elements exposed to serve as accent details.

Open Up The Space

One common mistake people make when trying to create a lux bedroom is they get the biggest bed they can fit in the space. However, this often creates a very cramped and claustrophobic feeling instead of giving you relaxation and comfort. It’s better to opt for a smaller bed that will leave the middle of the room open. This way, you’ll create an illusion of a bigger space and feel much more comfortable in your bedroom. Of course, decluttering is also a must!

Don’t Sleep On Your Windows


Don’t neglect your window treatment, even if you don’t have breathtaking windows! So, rather than making your bedroom dark with blackout curtains, invest in pretty drapes that will attract the right amount of attention, open-up the space and let some sunshine inside. For fabrics opt for geometric patterns if you’re aiming for a modern vibe or choose lush silk drapes that pool on the floor for a more traditional and glam feel. However, make sure to pick a high-quality fabric! Rich textiles are a great way to infuse glamour into your interiors. Also, hanging up your curtains the right way is the key—go towards the ceiling to make the room feel taller!

Light Up Your Nights

If you want to create a relaxing, cozy and elegant mood in your bedroom, you can’t throw in a simple bedside lamp and call it a day! What you need is carefully layered lighting that will remove all those dark corners and provide you with appropriate light for different activities while being gentle to your eyes. You can begin layering lighting with bedside table lamps and floor lamps. If you do not have recessed cans, a chandelier or wall sconces these could be some other great ways to layer lighting into your space to create the right amount of drama. When installing non-portable light fixtures, like a table lamp, call in a professional electrician to assist you. LEDs are becoming more popular, especially with environmentally-conscious people since they last longer and use less energy.

Choose The Right Colors


Color is absolutely crucial in creating a relaxing and elegant vibe in the bedroom. Most interior designers opt for a neutral color palette that has a very serene effect, but also brings out the feeling of luxury. Think pale blues, creamy whites and all shades of beige. Also, you can push your neutral palette even beyond your walls. Consider neutral upholstery, bedding and even neutral rugs. This will help you achieve that peaceful yet stylish and coherent vibe.

Treat yourself to new Bedding


New linen can do much more than provide you with a luxurious night sleep! It can turn your bed from an average piece of furniture to a real star of your bedroom! And don’t stop at linen. Get a few carefully picked out decorative pillows and a cozy throw. 5-star hotels love those and they always have breathtaking bedrooms, so why not steal some of their ideas! Pro tip: don’t rely on thread count and fancy materials. Feel the fabric and get something that feels good to you.

Throw In A Few Little Luxuries

Tiny details can have a huge impact on the interior, especially when they are carefully planned out. Add a few little touches like a fresh bouquet of flowers, some incense or inspiring art. These will not only light up your bedroom’s style, but also boost comfort and ensure you sleep like a baby and have beautiful dreams. You can go even smaller with an elegant water carafe on your nightstand or get a few lux hangers for your closet. Every detail counts! 

These genius tips will definitely turn your bedroom from a beast into a beauty. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune in the process!

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About the Author:

Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time.

6 Easy Ways to Infuse Glamour into Your Interiors

By Chloe Taylor

Our home is a place where we feel the most comfortable, so it’s safe to say that there’s no place like it. However, in order to actually feel like a home, it should also reflect your personality. So, if you’ve always been a glamorous type that likes big and flashy things, there’s no reason your home should not reflect your personality. Here’s how you can glam up your home’s interior.

Go Bold with Colors

Luxurious homes are about making a statement and the best way to do that is with bold colors. Since it’s a reflection of your personality, choose a color that you like the most, whether it is elegant black, royal purple, or passionate red. Just make sure every room stays balanced – your main color should cover most of the room, a third of it should be in the secondary color, and a very small part should be in the third color you choose. The best way to keep it balanced is to pick a bit more neutral but just as glamorous color as your main, like white porcelain or champagne. This way, your second color can be as bold as you want it to be, and it won’t be difficult on the eyes thanks to the neutral base. Your room will look balanced and much more stylish.


Use Mirrors

Mirrors can come in handy when it comes to introducing different shapes into your décor. Plus, they are also shiny, elegant and bounce light around a space making it feel larger and more spacious. Therefore, they are not only visually appealing but also very practical. You just need to know how to arrange them throughout your interior in order to achieve the desired effect. If you used properly, they are add to the elegant aspect of your home and make it feel more inviting.

Think About the Shapes

Most traditional homes have heavy boxy furniture that can be comfortable, but are not exactly glamorous. So, to make your home more unique and visually interesting, consider adding more curves and angles. For example, instead of having the usual square styled chairs, get an elegant egg chair with all its sumptuous curves. It would look great in a home office or study because it is a functional piece of art and can become the conversation piece to your home. When it comes to shapes, you should also think about your lighting fixtures, accessories, and smaller decorative details. Sculptural art, for instance, come in so many different shapes and styles that they can make a space more interesting. Just like with colors, you should choose two or three favorite shapes and decorate your home with those shapes.

Group Accessories


Accessories are a must in every glamourous home. However, most people make a mistake of either scattering the accessories all around the place or cluttering them in a way that does not allow them to truly stand out. This is why you need to know how to group them properly, whether it’s on your wall or on your favorite coffee table. They need to draw attention but not overwhelm the space. Pair items in arrangements of three to five to create a balanced visual feel. Also, vary the heights to create visual interest and to move the eye around. If you choose them carefully and place them accordingly, they can make any room look like a million bucks.

Make it Shine


You cannot have glamour without glow, which is why you should add some glow to your home. The way to do that is to keep it clean and layer your lighting sources in order to illuminate every corner of the room. Employ shiny materials, like crystals and metals, to add that touch of sparkle and shine. A big shiny crystal chandelier would definitely draw attention to your living room or bedroom.

Choose Glamorous Fabrics

If you want your home to be glamorous, it should not only look that way, but feel that way as well. Soft and luxurious fabrics such as silk, velvet, cashmere, and satin are always viewed as glamourous. For a more durable option find fabrics that are meant to look like these, but are made to be long lasting. Such fabrics can make any upholstered furniture look richer and more sophisticated. They can make your bedroom look like it was meant for royalty. Faux fur or plush rugs and throws are not only practical due to their softness, but also very visually appealing because they add texture to your rooms.

Creating a glamorous space is not about throwing in as many things as your wallet can buy. True, you do need to invest in quality materials, but it’s mostly about finding the balance between the colors, using less traditional shapes, and making your home shine. So, if you want your home to look like it came out of a Hollywood movie, follow these tips, and have no doubt that the results will be worth the effort.

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About the Author:

Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time.

Here is a Little About Me

Welcome to the E. Esposito Interior's blog page! I figured a fun way to start this page off was to introduce myself with a few fun facts about me. You see my work through images, but not me the woman behind the designs. People as a whole can be so fascinating, especially to discover small factoids about them that make them feel more personable and real. 

Fun Facts...

1.) Prior to becoming an interior designer I was a Promotions/Digital Content Director for Clear Channel Radio in Southern California. I absolutely love many different genres of music and I love being creative so radio was right up my alley. I had gone to school for marketing and have an Associates of Science in Marketing. Prior to radio I worked in magazine advertising for a short time and even got to learn the art of laying out the issues. 

2.) I love to collect antique cameras, in fact it is the only item that I collect. I fell in love with photography at a very young age, I believe around 6. My dad enjoyed photography as well and from their my passion for photography bloomed. My all time favorite photographer is Ansel Adams. Black and white photography to me is magical and feels like a moment captured and frozen in time to never be forgotten. I have dabbled in it only as an amateur, but have had one piece published and have sold several other pieces over the years. 

3.) My favorite sport is volleyball. I played from junior high to high school. By high school I became specialized as a defensive specialist, which is now called the libro position. Even though I was short, I was quick on my feet and could hit from the back row position. I still love watching it. Some of my favorite players that have inspired me throughout the years have been Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Misty May-Treanor, Holly McPeak, Karch Kiraly, and Phil Dalhausser to name a few. I have followed the careers of Kerri and Misty since they were in college (and I was in High School) all the way through their amazing Olympic careers. 

4.) When I was young I also had an interest in architecture. My dad use to purchase home plan books for me along with graph paper so I could try my hand at my own floor plan layouts. I would take one floor plan and re-draw it until I ran out of different possibilities. Starting at a very young age I would also re-arrange my room often to try out different layouts to see what might function and look better. Little did I know I was going to be an interior designer someday.

5.) My interest for interior design started with a well-known HGTV show, Design Divine with Candice Olson. From then on I watched hours and hours of HGTV from Design Star to staging shows to Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip, Antonio Ballatore, David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto and more. I took a course to become an accredited home stager from the Haverhill Institute of Staging and Design, then completed my Associates of Art in Interior Design and last October 2017 completed my Bachelor's of Science in Interior Design. Needless to say I am fully committed to my career and industry. I am a member of ASID, IIDA and the USGBC. I am currently studying to take the NCIDQ for my license. From there I plan on working to become an accredited LEED AP and Well AP and to take the CCIDC for California. I believe in the value of education and dedication to ones passions. I love helping people and improving the quality of their lives in the process. 

Thank you for stopping by to get to know a little about me. My goal with my blog is to educate and enrich the lives of those that decide to drop by here from time to time. I will also add some more personal moments to keep me real as well as some behind the scenes of what we as designers do, so you the reader, can understand what an interior designer is.