Here is a Little About Me

Welcome to the E. Esposito Interior's blog page! I figured a fun way to start this page off was to introduce myself with a few fun facts about me. You see my work through images, but not me the woman behind the designs. People as a whole can be so fascinating, especially to discover small factoids about them that make them feel more personable and real. 

Fun Facts...

1.) Prior to becoming an interior designer I was a Promotions/Digital Content Director for Clear Channel Radio in Southern California. I absolutely love many different genres of music and I love being creative so radio was right up my alley. I had gone to school for marketing and have an Associates of Science in Marketing. Prior to radio I worked in magazine advertising for a short time and even got to learn the art of laying out the issues. 

2.) I love to collect antique cameras, in fact it is the only item that I collect. I fell in love with photography at a very young age, I believe around 6. My dad enjoyed photography as well and from their my passion for photography bloomed. My all time favorite photographer is Ansel Adams. Black and white photography to me is magical and feels like a moment captured and frozen in time to never be forgotten. I have dabbled in it only as an amateur, but have had one piece published and have sold several other pieces over the years. 

3.) My favorite sport is volleyball. I played from junior high to high school. By high school I became specialized as a defensive specialist, which is now called the libro position. Even though I was short, I was quick on my feet and could hit from the back row position. I still love watching it. Some of my favorite players that have inspired me throughout the years have been Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Misty May-Treanor, Holly McPeak, Karch Kiraly, and Phil Dalhausser to name a few. I have followed the careers of Kerri and Misty since they were in college (and I was in High School) all the way through their amazing Olympic careers. 

4.) When I was young I also had an interest in architecture. My dad use to purchase home plan books for me along with graph paper so I could try my hand at my own floor plan layouts. I would take one floor plan and re-draw it until I ran out of different possibilities. Starting at a very young age I would also re-arrange my room often to try out different layouts to see what might function and look better. Little did I know I was going to be an interior designer someday.

5.) My interest for interior design started with a well-known HGTV show, Design Divine with Candice Olson. From then on I watched hours and hours of HGTV from Design Star to staging shows to Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip, Antonio Ballatore, David Bromstad, Sabrina Soto and more. I took a course to become an accredited home stager from the Haverhill Institute of Staging and Design, then completed my Associates of Art in Interior Design and last October 2017 completed my Bachelor's of Science in Interior Design. Needless to say I am fully committed to my career and industry. I am a member of ASID, IIDA and the USGBC. I am currently studying to take the NCIDQ for my license. From there I plan on working to become an accredited LEED AP and Well AP and to take the CCIDC for California. I believe in the value of education and dedication to ones passions. I love helping people and improving the quality of their lives in the process. 

Thank you for stopping by to get to know a little about me. My goal with my blog is to educate and enrich the lives of those that decide to drop by here from time to time. I will also add some more personal moments to keep me real as well as some behind the scenes of what we as designers do, so you the reader, can understand what an interior designer is.    

Emily Esposito