Genius Ways to Lift Up Your Bedroom Style

By Chloe Taylor

If you work like crazy and barely manage to find time to relax, you want your nights to be filled with luxury and relaxation. It’s the least you can do for your health and satisfaction! However, not everyone can invest thousands of dollars to create the ultimate bedroom. That’s why we prepared a few tricks that will help you lift up your bedroom style without too much trouble and too many expenses.

Accentuate Your Strengths


If you’re looking for a quick way to lift up your bedroom instead of embarking on a complete makeover, you can start by finding your room’s strengths. Does your bedroom have a large window with a beautiful view? Or does it boast a high ceiling or gorgeous old floors? Identify these good sides of the room and try to accentuate them even further! Employ color to attract attention or leave these attractive elements exposed to serve as accent details.

Open Up The Space

One common mistake people make when trying to create a lux bedroom is they get the biggest bed they can fit in the space. However, this often creates a very cramped and claustrophobic feeling instead of giving you relaxation and comfort. It’s better to opt for a smaller bed that will leave the middle of the room open. This way, you’ll create an illusion of a bigger space and feel much more comfortable in your bedroom. Of course, decluttering is also a must!

Don’t Sleep On Your Windows


Don’t neglect your window treatment, even if you don’t have breathtaking windows! So, rather than making your bedroom dark with blackout curtains, invest in pretty drapes that will attract the right amount of attention, open-up the space and let some sunshine inside. For fabrics opt for geometric patterns if you’re aiming for a modern vibe or choose lush silk drapes that pool on the floor for a more traditional and glam feel. However, make sure to pick a high-quality fabric! Rich textiles are a great way to infuse glamour into your interiors. Also, hanging up your curtains the right way is the key—go towards the ceiling to make the room feel taller!

Light Up Your Nights

If you want to create a relaxing, cozy and elegant mood in your bedroom, you can’t throw in a simple bedside lamp and call it a day! What you need is carefully layered lighting that will remove all those dark corners and provide you with appropriate light for different activities while being gentle to your eyes. You can begin layering lighting with bedside table lamps and floor lamps. If you do not have recessed cans, a chandelier or wall sconces these could be some other great ways to layer lighting into your space to create the right amount of drama. When installing non-portable light fixtures, like a table lamp, call in a professional electrician to assist you. LEDs are becoming more popular, especially with environmentally-conscious people since they last longer and use less energy.

Choose The Right Colors


Color is absolutely crucial in creating a relaxing and elegant vibe in the bedroom. Most interior designers opt for a neutral color palette that has a very serene effect, but also brings out the feeling of luxury. Think pale blues, creamy whites and all shades of beige. Also, you can push your neutral palette even beyond your walls. Consider neutral upholstery, bedding and even neutral rugs. This will help you achieve that peaceful yet stylish and coherent vibe.

Treat yourself to new Bedding


New linen can do much more than provide you with a luxurious night sleep! It can turn your bed from an average piece of furniture to a real star of your bedroom! And don’t stop at linen. Get a few carefully picked out decorative pillows and a cozy throw. 5-star hotels love those and they always have breathtaking bedrooms, so why not steal some of their ideas! Pro tip: don’t rely on thread count and fancy materials. Feel the fabric and get something that feels good to you.

Throw In A Few Little Luxuries

Tiny details can have a huge impact on the interior, especially when they are carefully planned out. Add a few little touches like a fresh bouquet of flowers, some incense or inspiring art. These will not only light up your bedroom’s style, but also boost comfort and ensure you sleep like a baby and have beautiful dreams. You can go even smaller with an elegant water carafe on your nightstand or get a few lux hangers for your closet. Every detail counts! 

These genius tips will definitely turn your bedroom from a beast into a beauty. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune in the process!

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