New Year + Storage Needs

By Principal Interior Designer, Emily Esposito

  Every year, New Year’s resolutions are put down on paper. On that list typically is work out, eat healthy and de-clutter or organize the house. Spaces that are constantly bursting at the seams with too much stuff can cause anxiety and stress in an already crazy busy world. Whether your space is small or large there are clever ways to add storage to de-clutter your home and de-stress your life.


     Closets typically have a rod to hang clothes and a shelf above to store items. This is helpful but there is so much wasted usable space. Consider maximizing your closet with a closet system. There are many different companies that offer closet systems to fit any budget and any size closet. Creating hanging space for both short and long clothes maximizes the space you have. Install shoe organizers to get them up off the floor and allows easy access. A shoe organizer will only take up a small portion of the closet space by positioning to either side or in the middle of the closet acting as a divider. Drawers, cubbies and shelves can also be installed in a closet to act as a dresser, maximizing small bedroom spaces.

     On the walls consider floating shelves or wall mounted cubbies to store books, art, and plants. By the front door a wall mounted cubby could be used to store shoes or keys, so they are easy to find each day. Floating shelves can be placed off set or parallel with each other to create visual interest and will add an artistic flare. Hooks can also be placed under floating shelves to hang coats and scarves while keys, gloves and hats can be stored on top of the shelf getting it up off the floor. Hooks can also be used in all rooms especially bathrooms and laundry rooms to hang towels, coats, blankets and more. Do not be afraid to use your wall space to organize and store your belongings. The back of a door is also a great place for hooks or hanging organizational caddies.

     Some homes have coves, niches or lots of wall space where built-in furniture can be utilized like lockers, a China cabinet or closets. Each of these pieces can be custom designed and tailored for each individual space and purpose. Built-in cabinets can act like a normal closet designed to maximize all your clothes storage needs.

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    Furniture like a bed with pull-out storage drawers can maximize storage in any room. Or if you have space under the bed use storage bins for things like seasonal items or suitcases that are not needed often. Ready-made storage benches that are designed with hidden storage are a great way to hide blankets and pillows. Some benches have a rack underneath for shoes to be stowed away. Bookcases, adjustable rack systems, dressers, storage ottomans, freestanding wardrobes, armories and console tables are some more great ready-made furniture storage options. Storage ottomans can serve several functions such as seating, a coffee table and storage. Plus, a storage ottoman can add some color and texture to any space to make it feel cozier and inviting.


    Cabinet space can be maximized by utilizing the adjustable shelves or installing pull-outs, dividers and specialty storage for knives and utensils. Deep pull-outs or drawers allow for a deep space to stack pots and pans with a separate sliding shelf above to store lids. Spice drawers or spice pull-outs can organize all your spices in one central location and make it easier to see what you have and what may need to be replaced. Dividers can be installed to stand up cutting boards and baking sheets to add more space to the cabinet and organize hard to store items. Knife and utility drawers get clutter off the countertops and assist in organizing the items used the most.

    Whether you have a small space or a large space you can add usable storage to de-clutter your space and de-stress your life. Maximize height not just width to increase your available storage options. Make your furniture and cabinets work for you by better organizing your items so usable space can be increased. Little out coves, pot shelves and usable wall space can become storage space especially in compact spaces. Storage can improve your life, create function and make your space beautiful. Do not stress and dread your space utilize clever storage solutions to turn your space into the place you love to be.

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About the Author:

Emily Esposito is a multi-award winning high-end residential interior designer with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She has been in the interior design industry around a decade with experience in high-end residential, commercial, hospitality, sustainability, staging and custom furniture design. Esposito lives full-time in beautiful Lake Tahoe with her husband and their dog, Scout.

Emily Esposito